5 People We Need On Snapchat

Snapchat is an app where users pretty much just follow and interact with their friends. Not many celebrities are on it, and if they are they keep their accounts private; there are some on it though, who are worth following.

There’s a lot of people we’d like to see on the app, whether they’d take cool selfies, have funny videos, or even if they’re just such a dope person that we just have to keep up with every move they make. Thus, I’ve come up with a list of five people we need on Snapchat.

By “we”, I mostly mean “me”.

1. Future

This ATLien is quite possibly the hottest rapper in the game right now, and has been for the last couple years. The guy is a hook master and his trap bangers are always hitting the streets.

He loves women, weed, money, and codeine (preferably with promethazine), and not necessarily in that order. He’s got a great sense of style and is always rocking something dope, whether it’s some Margielas and his Freebang Gang chains or even some BAPE tees.

The dude lives an incredible life, whether he’s in the studio with frequent collaborators Metro Boomin or Mike Will Made It (top two producers in rap right now), or he’s on tour. There’s plenty of moments he wouldn’t be able to share on Snapchat, but I think we could deal with that.

Future Hendrix, Super Future, Fewtch, whatever you call him, he’s a boss and we could all learn a thing or two from this trap king.

2. Donald Trump

Well, this one is pretty obvious.

3. Kanye West

Kanye loves to talk about all this Kanye, and I think we could go for that. I’d love to see a Story he posts that’s literally 15 minutes worth of snaps about him ranting about his daughter, his album, or whatever is on Kanye’s mind at the moment.

What if he only did one snap a day, and it was 1 second long? I’d look forward to that every single day; it’d be the main reason why I continue to live.

Maybe he’d snap studio sessions, sampling beats or something dope like that. I’d be down if it all he ever did was post his mean mug.

Kanye needs to be on Snapchat, and Snapchat needs Kanye. We all need Kanye.

“Why? ‘Cause my life is dope, and I do dope shit.” True that, Ye, true that.

4. Kim Jong-un

The Supreme Leader of North Korea is incredibly insane, and I really, really, really, want to see how he behaves, what he thinks, and generally want to see all things Kim Jong-un.

Would he posts Stories saying he’s the guy behind the app, or would we just see snaps of his face at weird angles because he has no idea how to operate a smartphone. Either way, that’s must-see Snapchat content.

He’d probably make crazy declarations, like telling everyone on Snapchat that he now rules the entire earth, or that he really liked the movie Gigli and believes it’s the best movie ever made.

Maybe he’ll start beefing with Taylor Swift and claim copyright infringement. Either way, it’s all watchable content, and I know I’ll be binge-watching everything he posts.

The world is ready for you, Kim.

5. John Goodman

Mr. Goodman is an incredible actor, and from what I’ve seen, seems like a great guy that everyone loves.

I imagine him posting Stories of him like waking up at his beach house and giving general life advice. Smart, good guys like him are great at that kind of thing, and he’s surely got plenty of stories to share or funny experiences.

John Goodman is the life guru we all need in our lives, and watching his daily, or even weekly Stories full of advice, humor, and good vibes would make us all happy. We see too much bad stuff on the news and all over the Internet, and getting a dose of John Goodman surely can make everything right again.

There’s tons and tons of people we’d all like to see on Snapchat, and pretty much all of them will never be on it. It sure would make the app even more fun than it already is, but that’s okay.

Sure would be nice to hear from Kim Jong-un, though.

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