5 Things Snapchat Got Right

Ever since it’s launch a few years ago, Snapchat has garnered a lot of attention and rightly so; the app is an enormous success, and now the company behind the app is revolutionizing how we use social media.

Through all of the updates and new features, Snapchat has become one of the most powerful forces in social media, and there’s only been a few missteps taken by the young company, none of which are centered around how the product actually works. Some apps roll out new features, hoping to wow everyone, only for everyone to hate it and the company had to quickly fix the issue in order to stay relevant.

While Snapchat’s gone through some rough patches, whether it’s the Snapchat Sluts trying to sue, or all of our pictures are not being deleted, the product has always been great, and so far there hasn’t been a feature that flopped or got pulled because everyone’s phone exploded.

Facebook, Twitter, and countless other apps, not even just in social media, have had updates or new features that no one liked. To celebrate Snapchat’s superiority, here’s a list of 5 things where Snapchat totally nailed it.

1. Ephemeral pictures

In case you don’t know, Snapchat’s origin story centers on Reggie Brown, a buddy of Evan Spiegel, the future CEO of the company. Reggie wanted to be able to sext and send or receive nude pictures without having a paper trail, and came to Spiegel with his idea.

This spawned the idea of making the pictures fade away forever, and it’s a feature we’ve all come to appreciate at some point, usually after taking a purposefully ugly selfie for a friend.

Yeah, it all started by helping some dude cheat on his girlfriend or just sleep around, but still, it’s a feature that sets Snapchat apart from every other app.

2. Vertical Video

Most people don’t think about it or notice it, but everything on Snapchat is oriented vertically. Spiegel realized that people don’t like to have to turn off the rotation lock on their phones and hold it horizontally just to watch a short video.

With watching multiple videos every day, that can get annoying, repeating that process over and over. Luckily for us, Snapchat’s content is all made to be viewed vertically.

A lot of videos are filmed horizontally by morons who didn’t turn off the rotation lock, so when you watch it horizontally, it looks really small. On Snapchat, users never have this problem.

3. Live Stories

It’s not often you get to see a foreign city from the point of view of someone who lives there, and with Live Stories on Snapchat, users get to see what life is like in various cities across the world. That’s pretty dope, if you ask me.

Seeing a few minutes worth of Snaps of foreign places may not give you a detailed history or tour of the city, but it’s good enough for an app where people take self-destructing selfies.

From what I’ve seen, though, there are awesome people all over the world in various cities, and my bucket list for world travel has expanded somewhat. Snapchat, with Live Stories, truly connects the world, and that’s pretty awesome.

4. Discover

Apparently, no one used Discover after it launched at the end of January. I don’t know about no one using it, because I loved it from the get-go, but now it seems to have taken off.

Discover is a feature intent on providing Snapchatters with curated content from a number of media outlets, including CNN, ESPN, and National Geographic. The content in question consists of short articles and videos, perfect for consuming in short bursts whenever users have a moment to spare.

This content is great for the young user base of Snapchat; it’s not too lengthy, doesn’t cover anything too heavy, and every day each outlet has fresh content.

5. The Name

Before anyone knew about Snapchat, there was an app called Picaboo. Yeah, I’m not a fan of it either.

This app was a school project of Evan Spiegel, and it functioned in a way very much like Snapchat. The main difference between the two is one name is really great and the other one totally, totally, sucked.

Picaboo? No, I’d never download that and go, “Hey dude, add me on Picaboo!”

Snapchat is a name that tells you exactly what the app is for, and we are lucky that Spiegel decided the app could go for a relaunch with a new name.

Over the last couple years, Snapchat has had some legal issues and received public backlash. These things would destroy most companies, but with a great product that (so far) hasn’t had an update or feature that everyone hated, it’s survived and now it thrives.

We’ll see what the future holds, but I don’t think Snapchat is going to take a misstep anytime soon.