Here’s the best way to make gay friends (7 steps!)

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to connect sometimes. For me, I think my problem is my resting bitch face. And for many of us gays this issue is one of the leading roadblocks when it comes to making friends. A few other prominent issues include: being a shady bitch, disappearing from parties after 30 minutes like the hermit you are, and being a total DAB.
Here are a few things you need to do if you want to actually make other gay friends using sites like Gay Chat App

1. Don’t fuck them
Did you hear me the first time? I said “friends” not “friends with benefits”. One reason why gays have a hard time making other gay friends is because they’re horny and will fuck ANYONE. Yes, that guy might be hot but before you add another notch to your bedpost think about if you want to never talk to him again or if you want him to be your friend.
2. I repeat… don’t fuck them
I know that a lot of guys manage to be friends with people after hooking up, but why risk the drama? Before you bang someone you’ve been getting to know, decide if there could be a solid friendship there, not just a decent lay.
If you and I share the resting bitch face issue, complimenting others is one way to remedy the situation.
Make sure you smile and raise your eyebrows so that those over-filled-in caterpillars above your eyes don’t make you look like you’re furrowing your brows at them constantly.
And be genuine, don’t compliment them on something you don’t actually like because people will probably think you’re being shady.
4. Keep your shade to a minimum… at first
Speaking of shade. You should really make sure that you’ve established some sort of trust and respect with someone before you read them to filth. While I live my life as if the proverbial library is open 24/7, not everyone is like that. Try to keep your reads light at first.
Once you hang with this person enough and feel out their personality, then you can probably get away with being a little shadier.
If you – like me – are fluent in sarcasm, maybe warn your potential new friend that you come across as a bitch right off the bat.
5. Don’t fuck their exes
There is no way to get someone to hate you faster than by fucking their exes. So maybe just don’t do that if you’re trying to build a friendship.
While I always put my sisters before men, not everyone operates that way. So, make sure that you stay away from their exes all together. People take that shit personally.
6. Get ready together
Next to spending time in the bathroom drunkenly gossiping, getting ready together is one of the best ways to bond!
There is something about getting ready for a night out while pre-partying and laughing that really brings two people together.
7. Don’t just go out, spend quality time in the day light
That being said, make sure you spend some time with your newly found gay friends sober. Yes, drinking together is fun and a great way to build bonds… but that can’t be the only time you hang out. True friends party together, but they also find time to hang in the day light.
At the very least get mimosas in the morning after a rough night out!